Am 27.09.2011, 23:41 Uhr, schrieb Charlie Clark  

> Hi Ruslan,
> I've just looked at this and it seems that we never released a 2.2  
> version
> of CMFUid so you're using a very old bit of code that is most probably  
> not
> suited to your version of Zope. You should be okay with the 2.2.0-beta
> version.

It looks like there was a 2.2.1 tag made but never released. Was there a  
reason for this or just an oversight? I have just run the CMFUid tests  
with Python 2.6 against Zope-2.13.9 and all passed. Is that okay for a  

Ruslan, as for putting these into the BSD ports tree, I think that's fine  
with Zope but I can't really think of a need for a standalone CMF build.

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