This just affects configuration. If you use your own profile, you can use different names. But nevertheless names shouldn't be changed too often and without a good reason. So I'd like to make sure there are no objections:

We are in the process of replacing skin methods by browser views, but we still show the old skin method names in Action URLs. I'd like to get rid of type specific names and would prefer more generic names. A detailed list is at the bottom of this mail.

Part of that change would be adjusting the Method Aliases and adding an upgrade step to make migration easier.



Types: Discussion Item, Document, Favorite, Link, News Item
Action: object/view
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/discussionitem_view"
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/document_view"
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/favorite_view"
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/link_view"
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/newsitem_view"
  new: url_expr="string:${object_url}"

Types: File, Image
Action: object/view
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/file_view"
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/image_view"
  new: url_expr="string:${object_url}/view"

Types: File
Action: object/download
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}"
  new: =

Types: Document, Favorite, File, Image, Link, News Item
Action: object/edit
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/document_edit_form"
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/file_edit_form"
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/image_edit_form"
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/link_edit_form"
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/newsitem_edit_form"
  new: url_expr="string:${object_url}/edit"
Action: object/metadata
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/metadata_edit_form"
  new: url_expr="string:${object_url}/properties"

Types: Folder, CMF BTree Folder
Action: object/view
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}"
  new: =
Action: object/folderContents
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/folder_contents"
  new: =
Action: object/new (Action is deprecated)
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/folder_factories"
  new: =
Action: object/localroles
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/folder_localrole_form"
  new: url_expr="string:${object_url}/sharing"
Action: object/rename_items (Action is obsolete with browser views)
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/folder_rename_form"
  new: =
Action: object/edit
  old: url_expr="string:${object_url}/folder_edit_form"
  new: url_expr="string:${object_url}/properties"
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