On 6/8/05, Sidnei da Silva <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If anyone cares *wink*, this fix is needed in Zope 2.8 branch. A new
> tag must be made, point Zope 2.8 to it, etc.

Yes, but... did you *test* it?  Perhaps you missed the email where I
specifically asked that you check it out.  The existing test suite
clearly didn't cover it, or you wouldn't have found a bug there to
begin with, and I just don't have time for dealing with zdaemon much
right now.

If you can produce a regression test that shows this actually fixes
the bug you saw, that would be really helpful.

Once that's been handled, I'll be glat to create a tag for zdaemon,
and you can stitch it in wherever you need it.


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