On 6/9/05, Sidnei da Silva <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It doesn't prevent zope from starting at least, so your fix fixes
> that. Haven't tested if it fixes the bug that the previous fix
> intended to fix and ended up breaking zope's startup *wink*.
> From reading the patch it looks very sane, except maybe for the second
> part of it where you put os.umask() inside the if. Shouldn't that one
> be outside the if?

No, it shouldn't be.  Note that it's calling os.umask() twice; the
second call is restoring the old value returned from the first.  The
effect is that we find out the current umask, without changing it
(effectively); this is used only for reporting.

This does warrant a comment; I'll add that and make a tag.  Someone
other than me can deal with Zope 2.8.  :-)


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