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> Otoh, the checkin messages arent sent by the users but the repository.
> Shouldnt repository sent messages not automatically accepted?

Sorry, I have no idea how it works under the covers.  What you say
there doesn't appear to jibe with what Florent said:

    If someone does a checkin but is not subscribed with the correct
    mail to the zope-checkins list, the checkin doesn't appear there.

and I vaguely recall seeing behavior in tune with Florent's belief.  I
know that my ZODB checkins generate checkin email with this header:

    From: Tim Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

but I'm _not_ subscribed to zodb-checkins with that address -- I have
no idea where that address comes from (although it is indeed one of my
email addresses).  Probably from the email address associated with my
zope.org account.

I'll note that if an active admin exists, it's easy to allow good
postings from non-subscribed addresses.  That's how my ZODB checkins
get through, for example:  I added [EMAIL PROTECTED] to the
zodb-checkins's list of allowed non-member posters.  This is easy to
do from the Mailman admin interface the first time a "good" post gets
held for moderator review.
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