Josef Meile wrote:
2) is it possible to tell zope NOT to store some things in the database
(for instance in zope.conf-I've looked but not too closely and found

Why don't you run a cron job that packs the database, let's say each
month? You could also do a backup before packing; just in case you want
to undo something later.

Urm, in this case, I'd suggest the guy should really find out what's causing those writes, they're likely impacting heavily on performance, if nothing else...

Something that would be nice, would be to be able to store transactions
in a separate file before packing, but I don't think it is posible in
Zope. You may have to write something to do this.

Huh? not sure what you mean... if you keep the .old file created during packing, that has all the transactions in it that would have been packed away...



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