Dieter Maurer wrote:
Usually, there is not need for a sophisticated connection
management. Just do not create unnecessary DA instances.

Yes, this is the most common mistake...

Bugs should be fixed and not worked around with more complex
software (complex connection management).

Well, it depends, there can be a need for lots of infrequently used DA's connecting to the same database. Having these be able to share connections can be useful.

I know that I wouldn't want the connection being closed from Oracles
side as I have read in the mailinglist that DCOracle would still think
the connection is open and generate an error.

The DA catches OperationalErrors and reopens the connection.
It tries to do this transparently (though a bit wrong).

Well, it doesn't succeed for "Not Connected" and several other salient Oracle errors.

FWIW, if people can, I'd recommend moving to cxOracle. There's more life there now :-(


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