Germer, Carsten wrote at 2005-10-24 13:32 +0200:
>Ok, that's a bit much for my question I guess...
>I gather from all your mails that I can not "close" a database
>connection periodically or on event from Zope (Script or whatever)?

Modulo bugs, this happens automatically (when the DA object is flushed
from the ZODB cache). You can also flush explicitely. Locally,
by calling "obj._p_deactivate()" (affects only the current connection)
and globally via "Control_Panel" --> "Database management" --> "your database"
--> "Flush" (affects all objects in all connections).

However, apparently, there are bugs in the "DCOracle2/ZOracle" code.
Then, you will need to find and fix them...

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