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Thanks for the very useful reference.
However, I don't see anything in there about accessing a ZODB. I may have missed something, but I don't see a suitable ZODB adapter that I can add in the Zope interface (similar to what is apparently possible for Gadfly, MySQL,
PostgreSQL, and other DBs).
Any other ideas about how to access 'external' ZODBs and make them part of the Zope project?

Interesting question. I don't think is a common request. You might want to look at how to use standalone ZODB's in Python, although it sounds as if you're already competent with that. It may indeed be that you do need an ExternalMethod for what you want to do - shouldn't be much trouble, I would think. Why do you need several databases? Is it something to do with the size of your data?

Other than that I'm sure the Timbot will notice the post!

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