Jamie O'Keefe wrote:
On 4/5/06, Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Jamie O'Keefe wrote:
  result = context.updatePerson(**query_args)
  return text
except Exception:
This is insane code. If you want to get mailed errors, look at the
MailingLogger product.

Did.  What if you don't know what the errors could be?

Huh? MailingLogger mails log entries, you don't need to know what any errors are. Just tick the box in the error_log object that says "copy errors to the event log" and you'll get mailed everything...

The traceback error is:

Exception Type        Database Error
Exception Value       updatePerson is not connected to a database
What version of Zope/MySQL/mysqldb/ZMySQLDA are you using?

Zope is 2.6.4

Good grief. Upgrade. No-one can help you on such an ancient version.

MySql is 3.22.32

The same is probably true for MySQL...


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