Hi Paul,

Ok to tell you honestly the truth, as a beginner you should try to leave your fingers of zope 3 /alchemist.
The learning curve is steep.
You will have to learn about Zope 3 widgets, schemas, interfaces, adapters.... You have to know how to configure the mapper, have to know how to handle the mapped objects.... And there is a lot of automatic machinery in the background going on such as automatic interface generation, formlib machinery etc. you have to be aware of.

I am currently writing my final project about it and to figure out all this it took me a lot of time....

Unfortunately I dont have much experience with Archetypes Widgets or PloneFormGen so I can't really help you.

But what you could certainly do is to write a zope 2 filesystem product that uses archetypes widgets. I personally prefer not to use zsql methods since they include very special DTML systax and variables and stuff you dont need anywhere else.
You can also query the database adapter directly when you have a product.
Here an example: (conn is the db connection)
sql = "select max(a.idAmendment) as last_id from cyc_Amendments a"
           resultset = conn.manage_test(sql)
           result = int(resultset[0][0])

Or learn how to use SQLAlchemy, it really is a usefull toolkit you can also use standalone.


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From: Paul Eipper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 19/01/2007 13:52
Subject: Re: [Zope-DB] Process one PloneFormGen request into many SQL tables

Hi Dennis,

I was referred to the alchemist product by the PloneFormGen dev, but
unfortunatelly I found the documentation for it extremely lacking (as
in nonexistant :P)

Since I am only learning all this, I can't take a product where there
aren't at least intro docs for it and try to figure it all out by
myself :(

The only thing i could find is a video presentation that I will be
taking a look at this weekend. Maybe it will serve as a good intro
doc. For now I am trying to make it work using Python scripts + ZSQL
methods manually.

Would alchemist really simplify the coding? (/me has no idea)

Thanks for the reply!

Paul Eipper

2007/1/19, Dennis Schulz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

if you want to do things like this, you also could use the alchmist product.
However, I think the archetype / plone formgen integration at the moment
is not functional. (ask kapil t. and roché c. for closer info)
You would have to start out with plain zope 3 schema and formlib like in
the alchemist included orgpeople example.
I developed a neat little application that uses the unit of work and
automatic transaction support of sql alchemy and all dependent tables
are deleted, updated and inserted automatically by the mapper

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