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Am 22.01.2007, 11:24 Uhr, schrieb Pawel Lewicki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
I'm using a configuration from the subject. It's quite an old Zope 2.7 instance without prospects of upgrade because of dependencies. Problem is with ODBC broker timeouts. When query takes too much time the connection breaks and Zope hangs. I suspect that ODBC client hangs and binds mxODBC binaries. I have the same problem when ODBC client is badly configured and I restart Zope with open connection. What would be the best option to free Zope from hung process? Additional layer like ODBC-ODBC bridge if available?

Can you provide more detailed information about your setup? ie. which combination of driver and bridge on which platforms you're using?

Progress 9.1 + OpenLink ODBC broker(5.1) on Solaris 32 Bit Sun Sparc Openlink ODBC client + Zope2.7 on Windows XP

That is an interesting combination! Have you been in touch with Openlink at all? The mxODBC Zope DA is pretty resilient but will, of course, have problems if the driver it is talking to times out or freezes. How many connections have you got running? mxODBC should be able to open an additional connection if necessary and possible. I think it is essential to find out what is causing the queries to timeout.

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