I'm trying to connect FileMaker with Zope through ODBC, but I'm not sure if I could do this for free, without buying any driver or software. Can
anyone explain to me how to do it or if it isn't possible?

You ask that already two weeks ago and got several advices...did you take them into account? If yes and if they don't fulfill your requirements, spend 95 Euro for mxODBC from Egenix and be a happy man. 95 Euro don't justify a week-long research with zero results.


Hello Andreas! First of all, thank you very much for answering.
Yes! of course I took all advices into account, and then someone told me that I could make an ODBC connection.

At the begining, I thought that that choice would be free, but I think now that I was in a mistake. I think now that I have to pay for the FileMaker ODBC driver, and possibly for the Zope DA, and in my case that is impossible, I have to get it without any cost.

The choice I am implementing now is exporting FileMaker to a plain text file, and then using MySQLdb.py to import the data into mySQL. Finally, I have my Zope connected with MySQL and I can access my data for free.

Anyway, it would be better to get the FileMaker/Zope connection for free... but I'm realizing that is no possible.

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