David Daniel Estévez Durey wrote at 2007-5-23 10:52 +0100:
> ...
>> There used to be a "ZODBCDA" database adapter as Zope product.
>> However, maintenance by "zope.com" stopped and some interested
>> people took it over. Maybe, you try to search for it.
>> Or you pay the XXX Euro and buy the eGenix "mxZODBDA", as suggested
>> by Andreas.
>Thank you very much for answering, Dieter, but the same I explained to 
>Andreas, money is a very big problem in my case.

Then, you need to read very carefully!

   I sketched an option that does not cost money:
   "Maybe, you try to search for it (ZODBCDA)".

I do not know how good the new maintenance is or in what
state ZODBCDA currently is. You need to invest time (as you
cannot invest money) to find this out.

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