Hrm, I'm using hot-fixed and updated 2.1.6, and cant seem to find this
anywhere on my box - and Zope throws up the error 'Invalid attribute' 
with an id of 'reg' When I try to use (unfixed) Confera with newlines 
in the body of a message... 

I'm not advocating removing or ignoring ts_regex, I just
can't find it and figured if I ran into this problem, so would others...
the code change to was _very_ trivial, so I don't see any big 
benefit or requiring ts_regex, though...

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On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Jon Franz wrote:

> Attached is a slightly modified that does not require the
> ts_regex
> python package (something I do not have on my system and cant seem to 
> find - and yet something Confera will choke on during message posting if 
> it doesn't exist)

I have not been follwoing the email list so ignore my comments if not
applicable. ts_regex used to be part of the Zope distribution. I am not
sure what happened with the newer versions ...


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