I use confera-1.3.2-mtg. This version does not use ts_regex. I needed a small
patch to make it handle newlines correctly.

I cannot find a link confera-1.3.2-mtg so I attach the mtg patch as well.

Gabor Melis

On 27-Jun-2000 MIME :[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Attached is a slightly modified Confera.py that does not require the
> ts_regex
> python package (something I do not have on my system and cant seem to
> find - and yet something Confera will choke on during message posting if
> it doesn't exist)
> I've put the moded Confera.py up in my member folder at:
> http://www.zope.org/Members/Coventry/Confera_Fix
> Anyone who has problems utilizing Confera due to no ts_regex may find
> this useful.
> Does anyone know where to find ts_regex by itself?
> If its not readily available (I cannot find it) I'd suggest making a
> minor
> point release of Confera that does not need it.
>  <<Confera.py>> 



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