Thus spake Phillip J. Eby ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> >and when I ask one of my TableInfo instances for their footnote it
> >comes right out of MySQL! Cool. Now.. I can't seem to figure out how
> >to *change* the data in the database when the user 'edits' the
> Here's some more top-secret documentation...  Use a GenericTrigger to
> implement attribute changes.  Set up your trigger to be activated on object
> changes, and set the trigger expression to call an SQL method, e.g.:

First off it is amazing what a rush it is to fight ZPatterns, and finualy start
winning. <g>

Anyway, Under Zope 2.2, the 'Upon' property of a trigger doesn't have a list 
of 'event_kinds'.  I think this is related to an earlier post where i 
complained about zope 2.2 not being able to get such values (for select 
types) from aquisition, or in this case from a seperate property in its 
class.  Has anybody thought of a way to address this problem, as it didn't
sound like the official zope distribution wants to act the way that would
allow the 'Upon' property to get its proper values right now. (no, i'm
not going to go off about that <g>)  

Also, should i not be trying to use ZPatterns 4aX under Zope 2.2?  I thought
i read that to use triggers a person should use Zope 2.2, but it doesn't
appear this has been tested under 2.2. (although it is alpha, i haven't 
forgotten that)

ZPatterns is starting to taste pretty sweet.  Keep up the good work!

Scott Parish

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