Thanks Steve,

Eegads! OK... all my instances currently live in a defaultRack of one
specialist or another... so exactly how do I "configure this
DataManager to provide the PropertySheets (I) want, with sensible
default values, and suddenly, all (my) instances suport this
propertysheet."  I think this is the step I'm missing. I seem to be
able to fiddle with "Data Plug-ins" all day long.. I can create
"Persistant Sheet Providers" and type all sorts of stuff into various
boxes and they never magically seem to behave the way your are
describing... so either I'm missing some basic concept.... or it
doesn't really work that way!



>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Alexander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Steve> Steve Spicklemire wrote:
    >>  I just want to make sure I understand... is the intention that
    >> property management needs to be done on each instance
    >> separately? So if I add a new property to one of my property
    >> sheets, I need to somehow update the propertysheets of each of
    >> the instances? Also.... if I need to create propertysheets for
    >> each instance... where should that be done? I suppose it makes
    >> sense to put that in the Specialist that handles the object
    >> that gets the properties?

    Steve> No need for all that.

    Steve> Your instances are DataSkins, and they get their
    Steve> PropertySheets via an InjectionFolder.

    Steve> All you need to do is tell a DataManager that is in an
    Steve> appropriate InjectionFolder that it should handle DataSkins
    Steve> of whatever meta_type your instances have. Furthermore,
    Steve> configure this DataManager to provide the PropertySheets
    Steve> you want, with sensible default values, and suddenly, all
    Steve> your instances suport this propertysheet.

    Steve> An "appropriate InjectionFolder" is one that lies in the
    Steve> acquisition path of your instances.

    Steve> [postscript: I only realized this stuff a couple of days
    Steve> ago, when I started using ZPatterns on a project :-) ]

    Steve> -- Steve Alexander Software Engineer Cat-Box limited

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