At 01:37 PM 7/9/00 -0500, Steve Spicklemire wrote:
>Thanks Steve,
>Eegads! OK... all my instances currently live in a defaultRack of one
>specialist or another... so exactly how do I "configure this
>DataManager to provide the PropertySheets (I) want, with sensible
>default values, and suddenly, all (my) instances suport this
>propertysheet."  I think this is the step I'm missing. I seem to be
>able to fiddle with "Data Plug-ins" all day long.. I can create
>"Persistant Sheet Providers" and type all sorts of stuff into various
>boxes and they never magically seem to behave the way your are
>describing... so either I'm missing some basic concept.... or it
>doesn't really work that way!

It doesn't *quite* work that way.  As mentioned in my e-mail, if you want
the sheets to already exist, you'll need to either create a custom
SheetProvider in Python, or you'll need to use a GenericTrigger to add them
when objects are added (which won't help you when you want to add a new
sheet after the fact).

Now, if you're designing a new project, as Steve A. was, then of course you
can set things up cleanly from the start.  Globally adding sheets at a
later point currently requires a custom provider, but should be doable with
a later version of ZPatterns just by writing the SkinScript for the new

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