Chris Withers wrote:
> "Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
> > DataSkins themselves,
> Okay, I'm being dumb again, but could someone explain to me how the name
> DataSkin came about

Suggestion on zope-dev from Jason Spisak Fri, 19 May 2000 17:28:19 GMT,
in response to Phillip looking for a better name than "Dynamic Data

> > I'm not actually real fond of the DDO term, because "Dynamic Data Object"
> > doesn't quite do justice to what these things actually are.  I am
> > definitely open to suggestions for a better name.  (Facade?  PlaceHolder?
> > InsideOutObject?  ExternalDataObject?  BrainInjectedObject?)

> ZopeTupperware, AloofAttributeObjects, DataSkins :)  

> and how it relates to what these objects do?

Well, you can look at a normal object as having a interface "skin"
through which you interact with the "flesh and bone" of its data.

A Data Skin object is a bit like a clever virtual-reality glove, where
its "flesh and bone" is actually somewhere else -- or perhaps nowhere at
all, and is just generated from some algorithms.

However, in both cases, the "skin" looks and feels exactly the same.

Keywords: Encapsulation Delegation Transparency

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