>Hi there, I am working on a project and have been looking at the Zope
>Content Management System as part of the solution. However, I have a couple
>of questions. From what I have seen so far, the page generation is all done
>through the Zope Management Interface, and the content of the page is done
>through a textarea requiring the user to have knowledge of the zope
>system(DTML) and HTML. With type type of solution I am looking for however,
>I need page content to be generated be users that have little or no
>knowledge of HTML. What I am wondering is if it is possible to integrate
>Zope content management system with Cold Fusion as I can allow users with
>knowledge of HTML to use an interface designed with Cold Fusion to create
>page content. I do not wish to build a content management system from
>scratch with Cold Fusion. Any suggestions and/or comments would be very

Um, intergration with Cold Fusion would be strange I think. WHat your
question is, probably, is whether you can you wysiwyg HTML editors with
Zope. Some minor inconveniences aside that mostly have to do with file
extensions, the answer is yes. As Zope speaks ftp and WebDAV and a host of
other protocols, you can easily prepare Zope content with tools like
HomeSite and Dreamweaver (and many other tools). Just try it out on a Zope



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