Hi andre...

Sorry.. EMarket is currently broken in 2.2.x. I'm trying to 
find time to fix it (actually... I'm changing the code pretty
significantly to use the ZPatterns product) but it's slow going
as I have lots of other competing projects.

Help, as always, is appreciated. ;-)


>>>>> "Andre" == Andre Schubert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Andre> Hi,

    Andre> I'm discovering the EMarket Product and test it to with it
    Andre> in our Firm.  I'm working with Zope 2.2.0 and i have 2
    Andre> problems.  First I added a MarketItemsFolder to MarketItems
    Andre> then a added 2 MarketItems in the MarketItemsFolder but
    Andre> none of the 2 MarketItems shows on the website. The Items
    Andre> are enabled and have a quantity of 500. When i check the
    Andre> option sell as auction nothing happens. Whats the problem ?
    Andre> Second when i try to sign in the after i submit the
    Andre> siginform i get a http-authentication request and no login
    Andre> works with it. Whats the problem ?  I'm searching for
    Andre> everything in the source but i don't find anything....

    Andre> please help

    Andre> thanks as

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