On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Andre Schubert wrote:
> I'm discovering the EMarket Product and test it to with it in our Firm.
> I'm working with Zope 2.2.0 and i have 2 problems.

EMarket is not yet 2.2-safe, as Steve mentioned.  If you come up
with bug fixes, let us know <grin>.

That said, I don't have any problem adding MarketItems in 2.2, or
signing in.  I don't *think* I hacked anything to get me to that
point, but I could be misremembering as it was about a month ago
I last had time to work on it.  I did fix a little bug in the
previous verison of EMarket that kept items from appearing after
you added them, but that fix should be in the current version.
I have not played with the auction support, so I can't speak to
that at all.

The login problem might be a result of permissions on the
eMarketMailHost object; this needs to be usable ('use mailhost
services') by Anonymous for registration to work.  I have a feeling
that that's not it, though, since if it were, logging in as a manager
would probably have allowed it to complete the transaction.  If
giving anonymous 'use mailhost services' doesn't fix it, then when
you get the page with an authorization error, do a view source and
see what object it is that you don't have authorization to access.

Where I'm running into problems with 2.2 is viewing the shopping
cart.  I haven't figured out how to get zope to let me grant
permission to view 'basket' objects, which are objects stored
in a property on a 'shopper'. 

Unless the meeting with our client tomorrow goes differently than
I expect, I will be working on EMarket again this month.  If
that happens, I'll coordinate with Steve and maybe we can produce
some sort of interim release that at least plays nice with 2.2.
Since I don't yet know the client's requirements, though, I can't
promise that.


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