Ken Manheimer wrote:
> Clearly, i agree that the absence of those things in the wiki is a problem
> - i state that directly in the "problems to be addressed" section! *The*
> thing to understand here is that we're currently in a position where
> neither wikis nor maillists, in themselves, provide what we need.  We
> need to do *something* in the meanwhile, if only to bootstrap the
> process so we can get to the point where we have that integration.
> (You'd have to ask brian and the dev folk, but i think the reason
> we're going with wiki is because otherwise all this talk gets **lost**
> - noone has the time to do the transcribing, etc.  At least with wikis
> you can preserve your thoughts and then email interested parties!)

It seems to me that there is a potential 'bridge' between
the mailing lists and the wikis - The mailing list archives!

> I've been challenged with how to fit the WikiNG proposal into the PTK
> - since the PTK is a prime digital creations content management focus,
> management doesn't want to dilute resource assignments with other (eg,
> WikiNG) content-management-oriented efforts.  So i have to figure out
> how it would fit in that frame work - maybe this suggests a way.  I'm
> having trouble fitting my mind around it, though.  Sigh.

What if the mailing list archives were 'PTK-enabled' in such
a way that it was really easy to 'promote' postings to a
wiki page status (preserving the original in the archive)?

What if members of could automaticaly find all
of their postings and add pointers from them to the relevant
wikis through-the-web?

Wiki pages could serve as the root document for ZDiscussions
that were gatewayed into the mailing lists, as well.

Hmm, if ZDiscussions and the mailing lists were gatewayed
into each other, that would get you a much better archive
interface almost immediately, and you could concentrate on
'promoting' ZDiscussion postings to a wiki page instead.

I'm rambling, but this seems like it would work really well!


Michael Bernstein.

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