Ken Manheimer wrote:
> Convenient for what?  If you've ever tried to support a community
> through a mailling list, you'll quickly notice that questions, and
> their corresponding answers, repeat.  A lot.  The problem is that
> while maillists are great for keeping people up-to-date on the
> business of the community, and for disseminating dialogue, they are
> not so good for building structures - for organizing content so
> related pieces of a story are appropriately connected.

The counter that this is that Wikis, in my experience (and maybe mine
only ;-), are not a good medium for discussions. There's no threading,
ntoficiation or subscription, for starters...

> Wikis, as they stand, are not bad for organizing stories. 

..agreed, but a lot of Wikis are not being used for this. It's a
difficult problem. You need a decent medium for discussion, like a
mailing list, which needs to automatically (and that seems _very_ hard
to me) extract the necessary 'story' bits and store them in a decent
story-building medium...

>  We all sorely
> miss change notifications and ownership attribution, a preview button, etc
> - but they're better, even as they currently stand, for building
> longstanding artifacts than are mailling lists.  And hopefully, in not too
> long, we'll be able to improve them, or provide something else, to do the
> job right.

Well, the WikiDot idea is starting to crop up in my brain a bit more now
And since that'd be a Swishdot skin, it'd work with the PTK, and
everyone's happy and focussed on what they want to be :-)



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