Greetings from a "potential newbie".
I need to build an application for recording clients who use a computer lab.  The idea is to collect demographic information on clients who use the lab, and session information such as date/time and whether the client attended a class.  Objects include clients, sessions and classes (or I think they do; I'm more used to thinking in relational terms.  I was going to build it in MS-Access, since it's available on all the PC's in the lab, can do everything I need (including reporting), and I know it well; on the other hand, there are undeniable advantages to having something server-based with minimal client dependencies.
I'm pretty sure it would take me more time to build it in Zope than in Access, mainly because I don't know Zope yet.  What I don't know is whether this is an appropriate application for Zope; it's not really what I think of as "publishing"; more like data acquisition and subsequent reporting.
Observations based on experience will be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance,
John Hopkins

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