Zope is just simply not suited to lots of writes. Use Access as the
relational database and use Zope as the reporting tool using ZODBCA to
connect to Access. Then you get the best of both worlds.

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Greetings from a "potential newbie".

I need to build an application for recording clients who use a computer lab.
The idea is to collect demographic information on clients who use the lab,
and session information such as date/time and whether the client attended a
class.  Objects include clients, sessions and classes (or I think they do;
I'm more used to thinking in relational terms.  I was going to build it in
MS-Access, since it's available on all the PC's in the lab, can do
everything I need (including reporting), and I know it well; on the other
hand, there are undeniable advantages to having something server-based with
minimal client dependencies.

I'm pretty sure it would take me more time to build it in Zope than in
Access, mainly because I don't know Zope yet.  What I don't know is whether
this is an appropriate application for Zope; it's not really what I think of
as "publishing"; more like data acquisition and subsequent reporting.

Observations based on experience will be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,

John Hopkins

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