Ack.. sorry... I was making little changes last night to make sure the
ZClass was completely consistent with my explaination, and to make
sure I could start 'from scratch'. I created a 'new' ZClass, and a
'new' rack. This confused the 'old' Rack. (I didn't update the
ToDoManager.zexp, so if you downloaded the new Product, but the old
ToDoManager you got the _setRack error. Anyway... I've now uploaded
both the ToDoManager and the ToDoProducts at 0.0.2. I also changed
the index_html of the ToDoManager to illustrated the getPersistentItemIds()
issue I wrote about earlier....

good luck!

here's the new index_html:

<dtml-var standard_html_header>
<h2><dtml-var title></h2>
<dtml-let idList="[]">
<dtml-in "defaultRack.getPersistentItemIDs()" sort>
<dtml-call "idList.append(getItem(_['sequence-item']))">

<dtml-in idList sort=description>
<dtml-if sequence-start>
<form action="." method="post">
<table cellspacing=3 cellpadding=3 border=1>

<td><input type=checkbox name="ids:list" value="&dtml-id;"></td>
<td><a href="<dtml-var id url_quote>/editInstanceForm"><dtml-var id></a></td>
<td><dtml-var description>&nbsp;</td>
<td><dtml-var doer>&nbsp;</td>
<td><dtml-if done>Done!<dtml-else>&nbsp;</dtml-if></td>

<dtml-if sequence-end>
<tr><td colspan=5 align=center><input type=submit name="newToDoForm:method" value="Add 
New ToDo"><input type=submit name="deleteInstances:method" value="Delete selected 

Sorry.. no "to do"s!
<form action=".">
<input type=submit name="newToDoForm:method" value="Add New ToDo">
<dtml-var standard_html_footer>

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