Steve Spicklemire wrote:
>     >> - How does this product (simple though it is) exemplify the
>     >> RIPP approach?
>     pje> I'm not sure that you can say it *exemplifies* the RIPP
>     pje> approach, although it certainly goes along with that
>     pje> approach.  My hesitation is mainly that it doesn't really
>     pje> show any of RIPP's major benefits, which are associated with
>     pje> framework re-use and integration.  For that, you really need
>     pje> to have more than one kind of object, with some kind of
>     pje> collaboration taking place.
> Hmm.. can anyone thing of a good collaboration 'partner' for
> a simple ToDo list? If it's not too complex.. I'd be happy to
> add it.

I've thought about this since yesterday, and the simplest
kind of 'partner' that I can imagine for a 'ToDo', would be
a 'Deliverable'.

A deliverable would probably have a title, it's own 'Done'
boolean property, and probably an optional DeliverableURL
property. I'm not sure if it would need it's own 'Doer'.

ToDo would need to be reworked so that it's 'Done' property
could only be set if all associated Deliverables (if any)
were also done (Steve McConnel (sp?) calls these 'binary

What do you think, is that simple enough?

Michael Bernstein.

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