Hi Michael,

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Bernstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Michael> - You skipped over creating the Product in the Products
    Michael> folder.

Ooops! Sorry... I guess I assumed that the reader would
be familiar with ZClasses etc.... this should probably be
stated up front, with a reference to ZClass docs..

    Michael> - Propertysheets: You don't expressly say that Shared
    Michael> needs to be a 'Common Instance Property Sheet'.

I don't think it does... it could probably be either depending
on how you want to manage it.... in fact, for this example, all
the properties could really be in one propertysheet, and it really
wouldn't change much.. it was really a 'conceptual difference'
between those properties that were meant to be class 'globals'
and those intended to be different in each instance.

    Michael> - ToDoManager: I was initially confused as to where this
    Michael> needed to be created. I tried placing it directly in the
    Michael> Product as well as in the ZCLass before I tried placing
    Michael> it in a normal folder.

Sorry.. any normal folder works..

    Michael> Ok, moving forward, I had some questions about this
    Michael> approach to building applications:

    Michael> - What do I need to do to let users add ToDoManagers to
    Michael> their own folders without creating them from scratch? In
    Michael> other words, How do I turn ToDoManager into a product?

Hmmm.. well.. I suppose you could keep ToDoManager.zexp in the
import folder and programmatically 'import' them. ;-) Seriously
I've never hit that... I do programmatically create specialist
in my Python Product.. but it's not TTW. You might be able to
keep a 'template' Specialist in the ZClass and then make a method
to 'copy' and 'paste' it.

    Michael> - The term 'Specialist' implies (at least to me) that
    Michael> this object is overiding/replacing a 'Generalist'
    Michael> somewhere, but this does not seem to be the case here. Am
    Michael> I missing something?

No. Specialist just means he specializes in handling a class
of objects for an application.... 

    Michael> - I'm trying to reconcile PJE's methodology of Domain
    Michael> Logic, Presentation Logic, Data Management Implementation
    Michael> Logic, and User Interface Implementation Logic. Can you
    Michael> (or Phillip) label each of the DTML methods as to which
    Michael> category they fall into? And state why, even if it seems
    Michael> obvious?

I'll have to get back to you on that... no time now.

    Michael> - How does this product (simple though it is) exemplify
    Michael> the RIPP approach? In other words, assume I'm asking
    Michael> annoying whiny two-year-old 'why?' questions after every
    Michael> declarative statement in the tutorial.

Good question.. I dunno. ;-) Maybe it doesn't.

    Michael> Anyway, I'll try to synthesize all of the replies I get
    Michael> (if any) into a beginners 'Zen of ZPatterns' tutorial.

    Michael> Thanks again for such a simple example!

No trouble. 'Simple' is my middle name. ;-)


    Michael> Michael Bernstein.

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