> Yeah, I'd love an ID I could use to grab an object no matter how often
> it was used.

I suspect you will have to build this yourself. Store a sufficiently random
id inside your objects when they are created, and use a ZCatalog to index

> Why wouldn't the following work though:
> ...in a class method...
> self.theobject = theObject
> ...where theObject is something I want a reference to and self is a
> persistent class...

theObject would need to be persistent too. This has a number of
characteristics that I would class as problems, but may be exactly what you

* theObject will have different acquisuition context when accessed through
its main path, and through self.theobject. This means different:
   * security
   * absolute_url
   * configuration obtained through acquisition. What if theObject is

* theObject isnt removed from the database when it is deleted from its
folder; this other reference keeps it alive.

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