> Chris Withers wrote:
> > > I suspect you will have to build this yourself. Store a sufficiently random
> > > id inside your objects when they are created, and use a ZCatalog to index
> > > them.

How about a ZCatalog that stores its schemas in a RDB?

> This is the normal way to keep references to objects.  I asked Jim Fulton at
> IPC8, and he basically said "don't use _p_oid", which means this is the only
> way.  Of course, once the observer interface is more well developed you
> won't need the Catalog part.

Why are the _p_oid depriciated? 
Are there any plans to come up with a cross storage Universal Object ID schema?
As I understand it _p_oid aren't cross storage?

> > CatalogAware is the work of the devil anyway ;-) ZPatterns has got to be
> > better for doing that kindof stuff ;-)

ZPatterns doesn't solve mapping of non Dataskinaware objects.
Does ZPatterns rule out an Universal Object ID solution or are
they complementary?


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