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> I was just building in some error handling into some UI code, and wanted to
> catch errors relating to duplicate ids.  The problem is that just about every
> client-side error raises the same kind of Exception, a 'Bad Request'.  A quick
> grep counted 41 different types of 'Bad Request' in my Zope source.
> Wouldn't it be *much* nicer to have a hierarchy of exception types, so that
> applications can deal with them at an arbitrarily granular level?  e.g.
> ZopeException
>   |
>   `RequestException
>     |  |
>     |  `XMLException
>     |
>     `IdException
>       |  |
>       |  `ReservedWordException
>       |
>       `DuplicateException
> Has this discussion taken place before?  Would it be useful?  Would its
> effort:benfits ratio be too great to justify doing?

Some folks here are in the process of modeling the internals of Zope, one
purpose of which was to identify the Exception tree and ensure we had a good

The "Bad Request" exception is used as part of ZPublishers ability to raise
HTTP Errors, and it *might* just be bad habit on some of us old Bobo coders.

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