Okay, I figured that bit of braindeadness out (I just use a range
that goes backwards, no .reverse() so everything is left as is.

Now here is my next problem.

Using context.REQUEST.PARENTS doesn't give me the DTML Document that
called me (so to speak).

I have:

My PARENTS shows Zope, Test, and New, but doesn't show foo_html.

Is this because my PythonMethod is Internal vs. External?  I didn't
see any descriptions of what the differences are.

The DTML Method version of my code can see the id/title of the
foo_html via 'id', 'title' and 'title_or_id', but under python I
just get:
self.title_or_id() -- Zope, the folder that my method lives at
m_self.title_or_id() -- Breadcrumbs (my method)
context.title_or_id() -- New, the folder foo_html lives at

And I have no idea what _ is for....

Any help is appreciated.


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