The Doctor What writes:
 > Using context.this().id, self.this().id, m_self.this().id all get me
 > the same things:
 > Folder, Zope, and my method.  None give me the DTML Document
 > foo_html.
If it is indeed a DTML Document, then "this()" should reference
this document. If it is a DTML Method, then "this()" will
reference the methods 'client', usually the methods parent.

 > ....
 > Did you mean to do a this().id?  That doesn't work at all, it gives
 > me a Name Error.
I am not yet familiar with PythonMethods and what binding
they define automatically. Obviously, you have
"context", "m_self" and "self".
My older PythonMethods installed seem to support only "self",
but I am not sure.

I would expect, that "context.this()" has the highest chance
of success, maybe "self.this()".

Note, that "foo_html" must be a DTML Document not a DTML Method!

 > There *must* be a way to do this.
There is none for DTML Methods (other than modifying the code).


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