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Chris McDonough <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I actually need to get a BerkeleyStorage against BSDDB3 going for a customer
> fairly soon.  Jim has done a lot of work on it, and it's looking like I'll
> probably end up finishing it.  Robin Dunn has a Python extension module

Ah, cool!

> against the bsddb3 libraries that we're using.  It may actually be released
> as several storages (undoing and nonundoing).

Once upon a time, I had planned to do (and had some code towards):

no-versions, no-undo
versions, undo
versions, undo only within versions

with a "table" structure such that you could migrate from one to

The last option is possibly useful for sites with objects that change a
lot (so you don't want undo), but where you want to use versions for
code development (which requires undo...  note the lack of a "versions,
no-undo" combo.  That one won't work usefully, because you can trivially
get stuck.  You get something locked in the version, and there's no way
to recover short of committing the entire version. "no-versions, undo" is
possible, but doesn't seem to really buy anything)

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