On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Lalo Martins wrote:

> Hi all
> I'trying to write a document on ZUnit and Unit Testing in
> general, following Michel's and Amos' documentation process. I
> wrote an outline, and now I'm stuck :-) anyone with a few free
> moments is welcome to take a look and send me some words. Also,
> anyone very interested in the subject is welcome to volunteer
> for editorial help (read the Process to know what this means).
> Thank you.

I have some suggestions for the outline:

In the first section, remove "where does it come from" if the section
involves the history of unit testing.  I'd say the history lesson is out
of scope. ;)

I would add a section in the beginning "Why do you want to use it".  

What does "refactor mercilessly!" mean?

Next section...

"Importing ZUnit" requires a whole section?  I suggest axing it.

I would add an "example" section before moving into fitting it into

What are "Fixtures"?  What is the "persistence problem"?  If it is a bug
that should be fixed in Zope then it probably shouldn't go in the
documentation, if it is something the reader shouldn't do, then it should
probably go into "interfacing with the Zope environment".  A wart
doesn't justify adding a new section just to add a sub-section to document
it. ;)

Here's a modified outline I tweaked with my above comments:

Unit testing Zope Products with ZUnit

  by Lalo Martins

  Unit Testing

    What is Unit Testing

    Why do you want to unit test

    How should it be done

    Refactor mercilessly!  (?)

  Writing Tests
    The TestCase class

    An Example TestCase
    Interfacing with the Zope environment
    Fixtures (?)
      The persistence problem - leaving traces behind (?)
    Grouping tests in TestSuites
    Wrapping it all up in a creator function
  Running the tests
    The TestRunner object
    TestResults objects
    Leaving objects behind for debugging

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