On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Lalo Martins wrote:

> > In the first section, remove "where does it come from" if the section
> > involves the history of unit testing.  I'd say the history lesson is out
> > of scope. ;)
> > 
> > I would add a section in the beginning "Why do you want to use it".  
> The first section is the advocacy section; it will begin with
> "if you already do unit tests, you may want to skip this
> section". I'm not sure if the history lesson is out of scope,
> but "Why do you want to use it" is probably better.

Hmm... actually in that case you may want to axe both "why" and the history.

> > What does "refactor mercilessly!" mean?
> I'll explain that one of the benefits of unit testing
> extensively is that you can modify your code without fear
> (you'll know when it breaks). This section is more advocacy
> than technical.

Ah, ok I like it.  I wonder if "refactor" is the right word; it's very
specific and it sounds like any kind of changing can be done.

> > Next section...
> > 
> > "Importing ZUnit" requires a whole section?  I suggest axing it.
> Hmm. Yes.
> > I would add an "example" section before moving into fitting it into
> > Zope...
> No, you can't do a lot without interfacing with Zope. I'd add
> an example *after* interfacing with Zope. Or both, perhaps.
> Maybe one example in the end of each subsection, so we don't
> need any subsection titled "example".

Oh, I was thinking of just a simple non-zope unit test to get the
flavor, but now that I think about it that's out of scope.  Yes, the
example after would be better.

> > What are "Fixtures"?
> A method where you make many tests in a single TestCase class.
> You setup a situation (the "fixture") in a method named
> "setup", then you do the tests, then you clean up in a method
> named "teardown". In the HiperDom tests, for example, I use a
> Fixture to do most of the tests, because I initialize the
> Template object in setup.

Ah yes, I just went and RTFM.

> > What is the "persistence problem"?  If it is a bug
> > that should be fixed in Zope then it probably shouldn't go in the
> > documentation, if it is something the reader shouldn't do, then it should
> > probably go into "interfacing with the Zope environment".  A wart
> > doesn't justify adding a new section just to add a sub-section to document
> > it. ;)
> I don't consider this a bug in either Zope or ZUnit, it's just
> an "issue".


> I allocated a subsection for this because just explaining the
> problem is already somewhat convoluted, as you see above ;-) in
> a printed book, I'd make it a sidebar or something, but...

Hmm.  I guess my concern was because it was the only subsection of
'Fixtures'.  Do fixtures need a more topical breakdown or are they
simple enough to sum up in one section?  Maybe we can think of some
'fixture use cases'.


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