I recently released 'zopectl', a python script that acts as a configurable
front end to the z2.py script, implementing the defacto standard unix process
control commands: zopectl start, zopectl stop, zopectl restart.  I wrote
it to simplify management of a server that runs several zope instances,
so it can also be used to start/stop/restart a collection of zope sites
or any subset of that collection ('zopectl start mysite').  Configuration
is based on a master file, with the ability to override any parameter
for specific sites.


While I orginally wrote it for the production machine, I'm finding
it even more useful on my development machine where I have any
number of Data.fs files for various projects.  I now use an
INSTANCE_HOME setup where I have a directory stucture like this:


In /usr/local/zope I have a zopectl.conf file that specifies my "standard"
setup for my development sites.  In the individual devsite directories
I have zopectl.conf files that override these global settings as
necessary.  Zopectl lets me set different versions of zope to run,
and even different versions of python.  Setting up an override configuration
file has proven to be *much* easier than editing individual site
start and stop scripts.  And by putting zopectl in my path, I no longer
have to cd into the site directory in order to do a start and stop.

Anyway, I'm hoping others will find it useful, too.  The version number
(and the comments in the readme about bugs) are due to the fact that
it hasn't seen much testing yet.  It's been solid for me so far, and
I've now exercised quite a few more parameters than my README comments
would make it appear.


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