> > Hi, 
> > I am trying to figure out ZPatterns and because I rather work with Python Products 
>when with Zclasses I am trying to convert the EmployZ product to Python.
> > So far I got half the way there, the Rack recognizes the DataSkin
> > And on newItem in the Specialist it a new slot gets created and I can see them and 
>their ID.
> > 
> > Now the problem is creating a Propertysheet in the DataSkin that gets stored in 
>the Rack.
> The attributes of a Persistent DataSkin will get stored in the Rack without too much 
>extra work.
> > class EmployX(
> >         DataSkin,
> >         #VirtualSheets,
> > ): 
> You need to derive EmployX from DataSkin and some 
> Zope persistent class such as SimpleItem. Otherwise,
> it won't be persistent.

Accualy I don´t have to do that.
Have a look at Itamar Shtull-Traurings and Heiko Stoermers

class EntryDataSkin(DataSkin):
    Flat Database entry.
    meta_type = "Entry DataSkin"


    def manage_change(self, REQUEST, RESPONSE):
        """ Change properties """
        for prop in self.database_properties.propertyMap():
            if REQUEST.has_key(name):
                if 'w' in prop.get('mode', 'wd'):
                    setattr(self, name, value) <<<<

But as I noticed the "properties" was saved as
attributes not as properties in a propertysheet.

I can live with that, but I still would like to know if and 
how to use propertysheets provided by a DataManager
inside a Pyhton DataSkin?


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