> FTP will work;  Paul reminds me that the other thing ZPT needs
> is good XHTML support, which DreamWeaver (apparently) still
> lacks.


> FWIW, we originally favored DW as a candidate ZPT editor, and
> only reluctantly dropped it, after getting less-than-helpful
> replies from the MacroMedia folks.

Well I have recently realized that DW isn't half that great that i should be.
Accually a plain disaster in some configurations.

Are there any tools that excel on XHTML today?

Also will the new XHTML templates work with common browsers?
or does it convert to HTML?

I done some repackaging attempts with DW and javascript for CMF 
to night, but it dw doesn't seem to be able to deliver what I expect at
some point. (trying to do fake dtml-var includes)


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