> > A setup with 5-15 novice users, let them use the PTK and what
> > there doing without interfering or helping, might give you
> > valuable information for changing some UI and scenarios.
> I expect to be getting such feedback from our admin and sales
> folks, who will be "eating our dogfood" over the next few weeks.
> :)

That's good. But remember actually seeing people doing the software
is much more educational (for a developer/interface designer) that just
getting opinions. (ok I will stop my nagging now ;-)

> We have an existing effort underway to tackle the "DTML snippet"
> problem for Zope in general:
>   http://www.zope.org//Wikis/DevSite/Projects/ZPT
> In particular, ZPT makes pages back into "wholes", editable
> using GoLive, Dreamweaver, etc. (GoLive has better WebDAV
> support, and is working with the current test version;  DW may
> take longer, as they have only broken WebDAV support, and won't
> commit to fixing it).

Couldn't it be done with plain FTP access or does it involve accessing
DAV properties?



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