On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Johan Carlsson wrote:

> > FTP will work;  Paul reminds me that the other thing ZPT needs
> > is good XHTML support, which DreamWeaver (apparently) still
> > lacks.
> Ah.
> > FWIW, we originally favored DW as a candidate ZPT editor, and
> > only reluctantly dropped it, after getting less-than-helpful
> > replies from the MacroMedia folks.
> Well I have recently realized that DW isn't half that great
> that i should be.  Accually a plain disaster in some
> configurations.
> Are there any tools that excel on XHTML today?
> Also will the new XHTML templates work with common browsers?
> or does it convert to HTML?

XHTML *is* HTML, with stricter rules (e.g., all non-singleton
tags must be closed;  only HTML4 tags can be used, etc.) and
XML namespaces -- ZPT uses the namespaces to attach dynamic
behavior to individual notes in the template's DOM.  At any
rate, the idea is that normal browsers will do fine rendering
XHTML, since the "ignore what I don't understand" rule for HTML
is how they operate.

DW messes up because it steps on the ZPT-namespace attributes
when saving the template back to Zope (Amaya strips them
> I done some repackaging attempts with DW and javascript for CMF
> to night, but it dw doesn't seem to be able to deliver what I
> expect at some point. (trying to do fake dtml-var includes)

Adobe's GoLive is our current best candidate:  it does both
XHTML and WebDAV very well.

Do look at the ZPT project's wiki (and maybe the tarball, if you
feel so called):


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