Hi Fred,

>>>>> "Fred" == Fred Wilson Horch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Fred> Steve Spicklemire wrote:

    >> I'm looking at all this from the perspective of someone who is
    >> using the current xml/zexp code to manage objects in CVS today

    Fred> Can you tell me how you do that?  Our big problem is that we
    Fred> can't import over existing objects.  Are we doing something
    Fred> wrong?

I use ZCVSMixin (http://www.zope.org/Members/sspickle/ZCVSMixin).

    Fred> Here's our set up:

    Fred> We have developers all over the world that can check code in
    Fred> and out of SourceForge.  We'd like our developers to be able
    Fred> to work on our site using their own local instances of Zope,
    Fred> export everything from their Zope ODB to their local
    Fred> filesystem, then use CVS to check in all the changes they've
    Fred> made to SourceForge.  Then to keep in synch, everyone else
    Fred> can update their local copies of the source tree, and import
    Fred> the updates into their local instances of Zope.

    Fred> The problem: imports raise all sorts of conflict errors --
    Fred> we basically have to delete everything before importing it.

ZCVSMixin does the loading of objects into folderish containers
so conflict errors are not a problem. This naturally means that
you can destroy things if you're not careful. (Motto: a tool that
doesn't let you destroy things now & then.. is a weak tool.)


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