> The symptoms are as follows:
> 1. Go to a given URL, which doesn't respond (browser sits and spins)
> 2. Doing a 'top' on the server shows python nowhere to be seen (so it's
> infinite-loop-processor-hogging)
> 3. ps shows the python threads are all still there, but none of them will
> respond.
> 3. doing a ./stop sucessfully stops Zope (the broswer returns a 'reset by
> 4. doing a ./start yields the following the the stupid log file:

> Can anyone suggest how I might go about tracking this down? It's really
> beginning to piss me off. That said, I've seen quite a few posts now
> about Zope hanging and crashing, so I'm actually beginning to worry about
> Zope from a stability point of view.

These symptoms are indeed very similar to what we had on the
demo.iuveno-net.de site. We had an average "up-time" of around an hour or
so, and the system also didn't really crash but just "hang" ...

Right now we don't face these problems any more. As far as I know, the only
thing Stephan changed on the server was exchanging the CoreSession tracking
by the newest version (0.8 I think), which had to be patched to run for us
AFAIK. Now the server is reliable again.

I was really scared by this issue, too, as we had the same problems on a
demo server for a customer ...


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