Well, it's still happening, this time I was just browsing the management
interface :-(

The last thing in Z2.log was: - - [02/May/2001:14:35:30 +0100] "GET
HTTP/1.0" 302 440 "http://www.cases.nipltd.com/manage_menu"; "Mozilla/4.0
(compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 4.0)"

The last thing in the stupid log was:

2001-05-02T13:35:30 ERROR(200) ZODB Couldn't load state for
Traceback (innermost last):
  File /usr/local/zope/Zope-2.3.2-src/lib/python/ZODB/Connection.py, line 508,
in setstate
AttributeError: 'None' object has no attribute 'load'

When I tried to restart I got:

2001-05-02T13:42:00 PANIC(300) z2 Startup exception
Traceback (innermost last):
  File /usr/local/zope/current/z2.py, line 566, in ?
  File <string>, line 1, in ?
  File /usr/local/zope/Zope-2.3.2-src/lib/python/Zope/__init__.py, line 110, in
  File /usr/local/zope/Zope-2.3.2-src/lib/python/ZODB/FileStorage.py, line 264,
in __init__
  File /usr/local/zope/Zope-2.3.2-src/lib/python/ZODB/lock_file.py, line 101, in
StorageSystemError: Could not lock the database file.  There must be
another process that has opened the file.

Big waaaagh! That meant I needed to rm Data.fs.lock, sadly I actually did rm
Data.fs due to tab-name completion and stupidity (tab and return do different
things, duh!)
Would anyone support a plea to have the lock file called something else?

Anyway, once I'd got that restored off tape, then next restart yielded:

Traceback (innermost last):
  File /usr/local/zope/current/z2.py, line 623, in ?
  File /usr/local/zope/Zope-2.3.2-src/ZServer/HTTPServer.py, line 391, in
  File /usr/local/zope/Zope-2.3.2-src/ZServer/medusa/http_server.py, line 542,
in __init__
  File /usr/local/zope/Zope-2.3.2-src/ZServer/medusa/asyncore.py, line 250, in
error: (98, 'Address already in use')

One killall -9 python later, and I now have Zope up and running with -M working.

Wierdness with -M, I did -M var/server.dlog, Zope bitched that it couldn't
create var/var/server.dlog
I took the var out and it's okay. I wonder what gives?

Anyway, if anyone's got ideas as to WTF is going on here, I'd love to hear them



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