At 12:33 PM 5/23/01 -0500, Steve Spicklemire wrote:
>Hi Phil,
>FYI.. this doesn't work in a PythonScript since indexing into a BTreeItems 
>is (apparently) not allowed by the "Security Machinery". So... a simple 
>list is looking better and better! ;-)

Hmmm.  Good point.  I'll have to think about that one.  I just hate to load 
all those keys if they're not really needed.  I suppose if you call 
getPersistentItemIDs(), you usually want them all...  It's just that if you 
use the BTreeItems object, it can toss out keys that aren't needed.

Maybe what I'll do is implement a wrapper over BTreeItems that fixes this 
somehow.  I'll also have to look at how this works with the new "BTrees" 
trees, because I *know* they don't implement indexing the same way, and may 
not have this problem!

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