On Fri, 22 Jun 2001, Shane Hathaway wrote:

> Now, if the ZPL were GPL compatible, the GPL would be in full effect
> for products.  Digital Creations would automatically have the rights
> to redistribute derivatives of ZWiki.  I believe DC would even be able
> to distribute ZWiki with Zope as long as any dependent products (such
> as CMFWiki) are also GPL'ed.  Zope itself would not have to be GPL'ed
> since it does not depend in any way on ZWiki.

Now I think I have two different answers to one of my fundamental
questions in this discussion: if I have a GPL-compatible licensed product
and I distribute it with a GPL product, do I need to relicense the former
one to GPL?  Because that is what I understand you to say.  Others have
said the opposite.

This is very important.  Because if you can't be compatible without
escaping to have to relicense to GPL, the GPL is worthless to me.
> If your philosophy agrees with the GPL, I urge you to lobby DC to get
> the ZPL changed.
> - DC has not changed the ZPL because there hasn't been any strong push
> to make it happen. [...] Make your voice heard.  Keep in mind that
> many on the management team don't have time to read the zope-dev and
> zope lists.

I hope that you guys at DC reading the list make them aware of the fact
that many people as frustrated with this.  And it is not a small issue,
either, as I'm sure we are all too aware of.

I'd love to lobby DC to start thinking about this, how do I get in touch
with the management team?  It would be great if we could discuss this on
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (or similar) and have them read/comment on that
list.  To start off with, it would be great if we could see the rationale
for the ZPL, and how they think it applies to the current situation.

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