Erik Enge writes:
 > Another question which I feel is very related, and to which I cannot get
 > any real clarification:  Can Zope run GPL Zope Python Products without
 > being relicensed as GPL?
I think, we can answer this with a clear yes:

  As an analogy:

    You can use a Windows (TM) command line interpreter to
    start and interact with a GPL programm that in turn
    call the Windows (TM) operating system services
    without the need to relicense the Windows (TM) operating
    system under the GPL.

  I would expect that you can use any freely available
  (freely available does not mean non-commercial)
  product and combine it with GPL components as
  long as you license *your* integration code under
  GPL and you do not distribute the non-GPL components
  in the same package as the GPL components.

  Another example:

    You build a complex system consisting of GPL components
    and a commercial database (say Oracle).
    I do not expect RMS to require Oracle to become GPL in order
    for GPL components to interact with it.
    Not yet, at least.


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