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Subject: Re: [Zope-dev] Fishbowl not problem centered enough

> > I just see lots of solutions many of which attack some of the same
> problems
> > and no clear way to get those people comunicating and making informed
> > trade-offs
> I think this is a really good point.
> However, I think the fishbowl should remain the center for solutions.
> The collector is the center for problems.

I kind of see bugs and problems as two different things. Problems are things
that Zope doesn't do or doesn't do easily, bugs are faults that stop things
working as advertised. Collector is centainly the place for bugs but
fishbowl is certainly the place for the reasons people need extensions to

> What I see as missing is a mapping between problems and solutions. I'd
> to see what bugs or issues a proposal addresses and I'd like to be able to
> 'vote' for proposals on that basis.
> Do other people think this would be a good idea?
> If so, what would need to be done for it to become a reality?

I don't think its a hard thing to do. You give each problem a wiki page. You
might have to use [blah blah blah] style links if the names get too wordy.
You implement a system for placing a vote on a problem page. Every
registered user gets just 5 votes. I have some code for this lying around
somewhere (uses sql however) Then you have one big page listing all the
problems in order of votes. (DC might get more votes maybe).
Then each solution gets its own wiki page too. Each solution has a link to
the problems it solves. Backlinks from the problem lead to all the possible
Maybe there is scope for voting on the solutions too?

Its still the same fishbowl. I'm just suggesting a slight reorganization.
since there are too many people trying to solve the same problems without
knowing or caring.

> cheers,
> Chris

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